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Got Beans?

Got beans?

Then you’ve got the makings of a great easy breezy meal! There are SO many different quick and easy dishes that have beans as the major ingredient and I’m going to start posting some of my favorites – but first, let’s talk a little about how good are beans?  Let me count the ways:

  • They’re high in protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • They’re a great substitute for meat in almost any dish.
  • They are great for travel – most cans of beans will probably still be edible 100 years from now, don’t need any refrigeration, and some have an easy-opening tab on them.
  • They’re versatile – most beans can be swapped out for their kissin’ cousins in recipes.
  • They’re easily mashed since they’re small and soft, which makes them great for dips and sandwich, wrap and taco fillings.
  • They’re cheap.
  • They’re available everywhere! Have you ever been in a grocery store in any state or country anywhere that didn’t have them? I thought not.
  • There are probably more great things about them, but let me just cut to the chase and give you the dang recipe for today!

For each 2 or 3 sandwiches you will need:

The basics:

  • 1 can of chickpeas or kidney, pinto or navy beans
  • A couple Tablespoons of vegan mayo or to taste. Homemade mayo is your healthiest option (and I’ll be posting a recipe or two for it) but Tofutti’s Vegannaise or Just Mayo (easy to find now and may also be available in sriracha and other flavors) are both great storebought versions if you’re not trying to leave oil altogether out of your diet
  • Some nice whole grain bread – toasted or plain, or a wrap

Nice to have 1 or more of these:

  • A couple Tablespoons of some sort of onion – green, white, red, or yellow, shallots, etc. – wow I suddenly realize how many colors onions come in!)
  • Another vegetable such as shredded or diced carrots or celery, and
  • Some kind of seasoning – salt and pepper, garlic pepper seasoning, curry powder, sriracha, hot sauce, etc.

Let me know what your favorite sandwich combos are! Just use the “contact me” form.