Joanna, aka 'The Tropical Lady'

Joanna, aka 'The Tropical Lady,' was born in Pittsburgh but became obsessed with all things tropical after seeing her first real palm tree at the age of 20. She was inspired to move to Hawaii a year later where she worked at several exclusive resorts and restaurants including the Hilton Hawaiian Village and Trader Vic’s at the International Marketplace, hung out with many of Hawaii’s most popular musicians and singers, and created a line of tropical arts and crafts.

After returning to the Mainland, marrying, and working as an earth scientist and engineer for a number of years, her first husband died of a heart attack at a young age. At that point she became passionate to try to help others get healthier, and earned a Master’s Degree in Health Promotion from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as well as numerous health and fitness certifications. She became an author and health consultant, created her own fitness and wellness programs, and also worked a wellness director for a large corporation.

Around ten years ago she turned to a plant-based diet for ethical reasons, but to her shock and delight, her new eating habits appeared to cure several serious illnesses she had developed. Around this time she also started playing the steel drums and, along with her husband, Ronnie Tsunami, formed an award-winning tropical band. She believes island music has been another important contributor to her current glowing health.

Joanna has recently combined her love of all things tropical with her passion to help people become healthier through plant-based eating. Mix in her ability to find ways to make health habits as fast and fun as possible, and the result is Plant-Based On The Go.

Joanna is also a certified SCUBA diver, a Zumba and senior exercise instructor, certified life coach, and award-winning tropical fabric artist, and travels as often as she can to tropical destinations.

Mike Knight, aka 'The Vegan Tour Guide'

Mike Knight, aka The VeganTourGuide has always been involved in coaching, training and connecting with others. As a young boy he also displayed his ability to perform in front of others putting together magic shows out of the family toolshed for the neighborhood kids, ofcourse young Mike would quickly find himself training the neighborhood kids on how to do all of the tricks he had just performed for him. Mike went on to become an accomplished wrestler in high school with invitations to continue wrestling in college, however he found that volunteering his time coaching at his old high school was where he found more enjoyment and fulfillment. Mike was a keynote speaker in the real estate industry, speaking at engagements in multiple locations across the US and even being interviewed by CNN and ABC News. Mike again noticed that his biggest enjoyment came from helping others in their real estate investing quests and growth. Mike went to a Plant Based - Vegan Diet in 2011 and soon realized that it was not a diet, rather an entire lifestyle. Mike unabashedly refers to himself as a "Meathead Wrestler" and found he definitely did not fit the "typical mold" of what many people who met him thought someone eating and living this way would be. Mike found in these moments the opportunity to truly give back to coaching, training and connecting with others: spreading the information and inspiration about a Plant Based - Vegan Lifestyle. He created a website and started blogging and then realized that a Podcast would be a great way to further spread the news and thus The VeganTourGuide was born. Mike is always looking for ways to connect to people and create the best synergy possible and this is how he met Ronnie "Tsunami" and his wife Joanna, two awesome people who shared the exact passion for spreading information to as many people as they could.